Our food

French classic delicacies as well as Swedish and Russian influences have developed Kosmos’ kitchen into a true “Helsinki cuisine”.

Kosmos’ own rye bread is baked from a 75-year-old levain and all sauces are made in a traditional, self-boiled soup. On the à la carte menu we find classics from the Finnish cuisine, from blinis to fried herring and Wiener schnitzel. All the portions from the lists are offered in addition to a lunch list served on weekdays/daily.

À La Carte


Roe, Smetana and chopped Onion with Blini or Toast

24 €

Fried Scallops with Sallad of Beluga Lentils and Avocado

18 €

Salmon Pastirma with pickled Mushrooms and Onion, Finnish Cheese Cream

16 €

Escargots with Garlic au Gratin

17 €

Finnish Antipasto

15 €

Herring à la Kosmos

15 €

Creamy False Morel Soup

15 €

Slightly salted Reindeer with Balsamic Cloudberries and Celleriac Cream

15 €

Lobster Bisque

15 €

Fish dishes

Fried Baltic Herrings with mashed Potatoes

22 €

Fried Fillets of Perch with False Morel Sauce, Jerusalem Artichoke and Potato Terrine and Spinach fried in Truffle flavoured Butter

34 €

Roasted Trout with Cabbage and Cauliflower tossed in Nut Butter, Pistachio and Beurre Blanc with Tomato

33 €

Meat dishes

Lmb Kidneys in Sherry Sauce with fried Potatoes, Parmesan an Scallion

26 €

Sweetbreads with Cream Sauce, fried Ceps, baked Root Vegetable Purée and Croquette of Parsnip and Onion

33 €

Wiener Schnitzel with mashed Potatoes

31 €

Minute Steak filled with Capers, Onion, Mustard and Egg Yolk served with Duchess Potatoes

31 €

Sirloin and Wallenbergare of Reindeer with Purée of baked Root Vegetables, hash of False Morels and Cabbage, Balsamic Raspberry Syrup

39 €

Châteaubriand and fried Duck Liver with Herb seasoned Potato Fritters, Ceps and Madeira Sauce

38 €

Coeur de filet provençale (minimum two orders)

à 38 €

Vegetable dishes

Vegetable Hash with Savoury Mustard, Beetroot Ketchup, Cucumber Salad and poached Egg

19 €

Mushroom Patties with Beetroot and Bean Ragout, Herb Yoghurt Dressing

21 €


Steak Tartare à la Kosmos on a Toast – minced raw Beef spiced with Onion and Worcestershire Sauce served with Roe, Smetana and Egg Yolk

27 €

Sylvester Sandwich au Gratin – Toasted Rye Bread, Roe and False Morel Sauce

24 €

Vorschmack with Duchess Potatoes

17 / 24 €


Cheese Plate

14 €

Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream with hot Chocolate Sauce

12 €

Small Pancakes with self-made Strawberry Jam and whipped Cream

12 €

Chilled Chocolate Cheesecake Nina Lincoln’s style

12 €

Houses Chocolate Cake with baked Apple Ice Cream and Rosemary Syrup

12 €

Cloudberry Vacherin

12 €

12 €

Country of origin of our meat:
Cattle Finland
Sheep Finland
Contact staff for more information on possible allergenic ingredients

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