French classic delicacies as well as Swedish and
Russian influences have developed Kosmos’ kitchen into
a true “Helsinki cuisine”.

Kosmos’ own rye bread is baked from a 75-year-old levain and all sauces are made in a traditional,

self-boiled soup. On the à la carte menu we find classics from the Finnish cuisine, from blinis to fried herring

and Wiener schnitzel. All the portions from the lists are offered in addition

to a lunch list served on weekdays/daily.


Arctic Char marinated with Grapefruit and Gin, Lemon flavoured Pea Purée, Red Onion Syrup and pickled Cauliflower and Carrot



Borsch with Smetana



Ravioli with ”Waldorf” Filling, Apple seasoned Vegetable Bouillon, roasted Valnuts and Vuoristo Goat Cheese



Dukkah-crusted Zander with Blood Orange Risotto and Beurre Blanc with Sparkling Wine


2014 Fourchaume Premier Cru, Le Domaine d’Henri, Chablis

12 cl 14,10 / 75 cl 88,-


Entrecôte marinated with Chili and Garlic, Sauce of smoked Bones, Parsnip Purée and caramelized Pumpkin


2015 L’Assemblage Grand Vin, Villard Estate, Chile
12 cl 9,60 / 75 cl 60,-



Gingercake with Brownie Ise cream, Rooibos Syrup and Lingonberry Meringue


2015 Trockenbeerenauslese, Exquisit, Nittnaus, Burgenland

8 cl 12,80



Roe, Smetana and chopped Onion with Blini or Toast

22 €

Herring à la Kosmos

14 €

Salmon Pastirma with pickled Mushrooms,

marinated Onion and Parmesan Foam

15 €

Finnish Antipasto

– pickled Baltic Herring, Salmon, slightly salted Reindeer,

Wild Mushroom Salad and Finnish Cheese

15 €

Slightly salted Reindeer with Balsamic Cloudberries

15 €

Fried Scallops

with Salad of Beluga Lentils and Avocado Cream

16 €

Vegetable Salad of the House

– roasted Beetroot, marinated Onion, Pine Kernels,

Rucola, Apple, Goat Cheese Sauce and Rye Bread Croûtons

12 € / 16 €

Snails seasoned with Garlic au Gratin

16 €

Fish dishes

Fried Baltic Herrings with mashed Potatoes

19 €

Fried Fillets of Perch with False Morel Sauce,

Jerusalem Artichoke and Potato Terrine and

Spinach fried in Truffle flavoured Butter

28 €

Poached Fillet of Zander filled with creamy Crayfish Sauce,

Onion Purée and Fennel Fritters

28 €

Meat dishes

Lamb Kidneys with Sherry Sauce with

roasted tomatoes and Duchess Potatoes with Herbs and Parmesan

20 €

Sweetbreads and Sage sauce with

fried Ceps, roasted Shallot and Root Vegetable Cake

32 €

This is a traditional course. The sweetbread
has been on the menu for decades
in various forms.

Wiener Schnitzel with mashed Potatoes

28 €

Classically prepared with good veal
and gets its crispy, breaded surface
à la minute – at the last minute.

Over Night braised Neck of Lamb with

Root Vegetable Cake and Sauerkraut

26 €

Minute Steak filled with Capers, Onion, Mustard and

Egg Yolk served with Duchess Potatoes

28 €

Châteaubriand and fried Duck Liver

with Herb seasoned Potato Fritters,

Champagne Ceps fried in Truffle Butter and Madeira Sauce

34 €

Coeur de Filet Provençale (minimum two orders)

à 32 €

Fillet of Reindeer and Reindeer Wallenberger

with roasted Jerusalem Artichoke and

Herb seasoned Onion, dark Spruce Tip Sauce

32 €

Vegetable dishes

Mushroom Patties with baked Beetroots and
Youghurt Dressing

18 €

Vegetable Hash with Savoury Mustard,

Beetroot Ketchup, Cucumber Salad and poached Egg

17 €


Steak Tartare à la Kosmos on a Toast – minced raw Beef
spiced with Onion and Worcestershire Sauce served with
Roe, Smetana and Egg Yolk

26 €

Sylvester Sandwich au Gratin – Toasted Rye Bread,
Roe and False Morel Sauce

24 €

This course is named
after Saint Sylvester, whose name day
is celebrated on New Year’s Eve.
Before, the course was served as
night food for those who celebrated
the new year at Kosmos,
and has since remained unchanged
on the menu.

Vorschmack with Duchess Potatoes

16 € / 22 €


Cheese Plate

12 €

Crème brûlée flavoured with Single Malt Whisky

10 €

Home-made Vanilla Ice Cream with hot Chocolate Sauce

11 €

Cloudberry Vacherin

11 €

Three Chocolates Brownie with

Sea Buckthornberry Sorbet and Butterscotch

10 €

Small Pancakes with self-made Strawberry Jam and whipped Cream

10 €

Chilled Chocolate Cheesecake Nina Lincoln’s Style

11 €

This taste sensation has been on the menu
for 30 years. The recipe originated from the Finnish
partner of the English formula driver in the 1970s,
Jochen Rindtin.